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again deputy clerk day clerk kay diewben gay. secondly, if we could, on behalf of the entire board of supervisors i'd ask if we could adjourn today's meeting in memory of former san matillo county supervisor mike nevin. mike was a very good friend of mine, someone who i looked up to a great deal, someone who i really saw as a role model in this job. prior to entering politics, mike was a 27 year member of the san francisco police departmenth9f rising to the level of inspector. he then in his adopted home of daly city joined the daly city city council, served there for 10 years serving as mayor for two years. he then stepped up to the san matillo county board of supervisors and served on that
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board for 12 years. in his collective 10 year at both daly city city council and county board of supervisors he served on a variety of regional agencies, mtc, caltrain, bay area management district you name it, he probably served on it. what i got to know him well on was transportation issues. when i had the pleasure of serving at the caltran board where supervisor cohen is now, you
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of title. i think the title he cared most about was father, grandfather, brother cousin. his family was so absolutely important to him. i read through his obituary, and it reminds me to some extent of how i felt after i wrote and read my father's own obituary in that it's a wonderfulm but it doesn't come close to really saying who this man was. mike gave his entire life to his brother and sister, both as family, but also when i say that i mean collectively, his entire society. truly someone who will be missed dearly. his wife of 45 years kathleen his three children, one of whom is a member of our own police department lt. mike nevin. a great man who leaves a great legacy, not just in san mateo county but throughout the region. i know i can say it on behalf of
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everyone here, his family is.lnk sent our deepest condolences. >> presidentcondolences if we could -- >> president chiu: if we could adjourn as a board for mike nevin and kay gulbengay. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: thank you supervisor elsbernd, for the very moving comments about supervisor nevin. i have a couple of items, and i'd like to begin by just talking about an item that i think has been debated many times here. and i don't know if this will be the last time that it's mentioned at the board of supervisors. probably not. but i do want to thank the mta board of directors today who just a couple of hours ago, voted unanimously to approve the implementation of the free muni for low income youth program. and i want to thank all of the
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members of the board of directors for their support. i also want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the board of supervisors, who were cosponsors ofáthis project. supervisors avalos, president chiu, supervisors cohen kim, mar, and olague. thank you very much. more importantly we want to thank the members of the community who have been working on this pilot project for actually more than two years. power chinatown development community sorry, san francisco youth commission, urban habitat and jamestown community center. i also want to thank the+hjp
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i on a more personal level want to thank sheila haggan from my office who first talked to me bg-á this item two years ago. and it is i think completely accurate to say that we would not be here today without her tenacious knowledge advocacy, and it's been an honor to see this unfold and to get this to this pointáb the second item that i want to talk about is an item that idúá am cosponsoring with supervisor cohen, who has been doing a great deal of work since her election, on the issue of reproductive rights. it's a resolution commemorating the 40th anniversary of rowe v wade at the and commending the work of those in san francisco. the 40th anniversary, the
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landmark supreme court decision, and those of us who have seen the importance of this know that the access to legal and affordable family planning has been integral to expandingjpzc tuns for success and satisfaction by women and girls in their emotional, economic educational and professional spheres. one in three american women will actually have an abortion by age 45. and 99% ofenu couples have used birth control. and we know that the denial of abortion care perpetuates poverty because what we see is that women of lower income are five times more likely to have ununintended pregnancies. we have seen unfortunately in the last few years a tendency to, throughout the country to
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undermine the right of women to choose whether or not to have an abortion. states have actually enacted twice as many antichoice laws in 2011 as they did in any recent previous year. many states are actually still shutting down crucial reproductive health and family planning services for women throughout the country. the house of representatives recently actually voted, in its most recent session to defund title 10 which is the only federal program that is exclusively dedicated to family planning and reproductive-%( +/ health, including agencies like planned parenthood. we in san francisco, can be proud of our history and our ÷;f protecting the right of women to choose, and here in san francisco because of the efforts of many people, including supervisor cohen, were one of the first cities to pass an ordinance forbidding crisis pregnancy centers that do not provide or refer abortion care
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from continuing to use deceptive advertising to take advantage of vulnerable pregnant women. so it's something to be proud of. and our own mayor has also cosponsored a resolution approved by the u.s. conference of mayors where the right of women to choose was also reaffirmed. we will be having a celebration of women life and liberty on january 26, 2013, at jefferson herman plaza. through this resolution, we as a board ofb reaffirming the importance of reproductive health rights and justice and we commend the work of the7[ úv pro-choice workers, and service providers, who make sure that the rights embedded ingfjh rowe v wade are protected in san francisco. the last item i have is an item -- and i want to thank supervisor christina+!jpgn al gi olague
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for working on this. a number of serious allegations have been made and there will be investigations with respect to those. but where i think it's important for us as a board to focus is what's happening in terms of the agency'sfw the needs of the residents of the housing authority developments. ium( ;h will remind folks that the housingjp'e authority was actually established by this board of supervisors in 1938. it is actually the oldest housing authority in the state of california, and the 17th largest in the countries. and it is clear from talking to legal counsel, that we have oversight responsibilitiess!ja= and the ability to understand how they are performing, in their responsibilities. again the focus is not on the individuals or personalities, but simply what is happening to address the needs of the residents. and so with that in mind, i just want to note that with the
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support of supervisor olague i will be, in the next few days, introducing a motion requesting that the board's budget and legislative analyst simply conduct a review, a performance review of how the authority, how the agency is performing its duties. i think it's something that we can all benefit from from past performance, audits and reviews we have learned a lot about various agencies, muni being an example. and i think that to the extent that good things are happening, it's1q@÷ an opportunity for us to highlight and showcase those positive things. and to the extent that there aren't good things happening it's good for us to also learn that and/c better. so i look forward to that work and to my colleagues supporting the budget and legislative analyst undertaking that task. and, you know, once that task is completed, if it is approved, hopefully we'll have an
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opportunity to have a substantive discussion about what's working well, what subject, and how we can make sure all of the needs of our residents are addressed. as someone who has four housing developments in my district i know that6 to make sure that the needs of those residents are addressed.3xpdx the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk calvillo: thank you supervisor campos. supervisor wiener. >> supervisor>( x] wiener: thank you madam clerk. today i'm introducing two hearing requests. the first i'm introducing along with supervisor cohen, relates to high speed rail in san francisco. as you know, the the state legislature voted to move forward with some very important high speed rail project. the northern california segment is slated to receive $600 million in proposition 1(a) funding as an early investment. many of us are committed to the ultimate success of high speed rail and caltrain electrification and we therefore
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would like to hear an update on san francisco's participation in this early investment. we understand that the first step is moving forward on long desired electrification of caltrans but we need to know what that means fora p30 san francisco. we need to know how the city's going to"7 project, along with our partners in7÷[ñ the peninsula and south bay and regionally. we need to know how we are financing our share of the local match. at this hearing we will discuss next steps and including which agencies are working on this what theirc piyñ timelines are and how we can make sure everyone is working3(( byi together. the second hearing request has to do with recent friends in robberies including armed robberies in san francisco. we've seen a spike in a number of robberies, many of them around smart phones and ipads, whether people robbing people on buses. recently in my district, we've had a string of armed robberies in residential areas, in the
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middle of the day, very scary incidents. i know this is happening around the city. so this will provideá opportunity for the police department to present jwh÷ its -- an overview and strategies and also a chance to educate the public on what we're doing, and how the public can help protect itself. thankséj:x you. >> clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you verygyt)7 much. i just want to take a moment to say a couple of words for a gentleman that passed. his name was percy hater. he passed away this past saturday december 1 at the aimg of # 2. although he was born in tyler texas he spentu in san francisco. he's the father of five kids, three daughters and two sons. one of his daughters was a friend of one of myl he was a.a( #u5 notoriously known
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to be funny and loving. he was a plumber a contractor, small businessr and he was someonehjr confidence in his workers in his team. he didn't cut corners, and he always went above and beyond the job at hand. when i spoke to his children, i asked them what their fondest memory would be of their father and they remember him as being ac/nn6 great cook, generous and kind and greeting everyone with a smile. i would have to agree with that statement. the last time i saw mr. hater was at sally's restaurant. he was standing in line in front of me taking a long time to pay for his meal. i said mr. hater, hurry=[j-w up. and turnedfdjal around and smiled. he was about a quarter short. instead of fumbling in his pocket i gave him a quarter. that was the last time i saw him and one of my fondest memories i
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have of him. he was a great man. i'd like to close out the board in he will be missed. thank you. >> clerk calvillo: mr. president seeing no other names on the roster that concludes roll call for introd/bj@çé4j4(p&c"p% >> president chiu: thank you. why don't we go to general public comment. >> the clerk: now is the opportunity for the public to comment generally for :q up to two minutesç1jy3 on items within the subject matter jurisdh÷ the board including items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar, please note that public comment is not allowedu%( .x on those items which have alreadya"%( board committee. speakers using translation assistance will bejágiven twice the amount of time. if you would like a document to be displayed on thewc projector statep?( :h such and remove it when the meeting returns to live meeting. >> president chiu: let's hear from our first speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of our public library don't give money to the friends of the libraryo e don't accept money from the friends of the library. today and next week i will be
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speaking without my usual graphics on the premise that anything different might cause you to look up. ford,jtx those whojdc do not visit the chamber it is obvious in the broadcast that supervisors give no indication that they are paying any attention because so many people have complained recently the supervisors do not displaytñj brazenly as they used to. in the 1990's there was a supervisor named sue bierman who one day during a budget hearing stated all the departments in the city create some0( ñ opposition or controversy except the library, and that she, quote never gets any letters critical of the library. to this day, i have no idea whether she was intentionally insulting me or whether the staff threw away my letters in$[ the trash befored i wonder if i asked for a show of hands now how many of the present supervisors have never seen a letter from me. i won't do that of course because the question would imply that you're listening to me now.
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let me tell you anyway that if you haveó#hñ never seen a letter from me and you've never heard any criticism of the public-private partnership that is the library department someone on your staff deserves a bonus. the trouble is that if you don't listen you have no jp control over how corrupt the city can become,4 or how vulnerable you are to that'$%($' corruption is a bottomless pit.ts(ñ knowledge is the only limit to that corruption. if they can buy your ignorance, money has too much power. i say all the time that i care about the library, but you don't have to care about the library. it is not about the library. if they can buy your ignorance, they can destroy what you do care about. in fact, there is no z what they can destroy, because they have destroyed democracyóm itself. and that is why, as always the lies cost more than theícj money. thank you.
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>> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz director of san francisco open government. here's a copy of today's agenda you will see know your rights under the t#ãsunshine ordinance. i've heard a lot of members of this thing, in particular one particular person whossr:pi likes to whine about the task force. here's an order of dangerous,ajpjp-y -- determination finding the city attorney's office to violated the]jjd here's the san francisco policejp!%y commission to have violated the law. here's one finding the rent board to have violated the law. here's another oneçhc san francisco police commission to have violated the p here's another one finding the police commission to have violated the law. here's one finding the library commission to have violated the law. here's a referral for enforcement to the ethics commission. here's another order finding( uñ
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louise herrera to have violated the here's the referral to the district attorney regarding that matter,úz%( +p here's a referral to the ethics commissioñcjsú regarding that meter. here's a referral to the city attorney regarding thatc ; office. here's another case findingtb city attorney'sd violation. here's another referral, and a directive to all city agencies and finally, the latest one another violation ofah%(ú library of the law maybe if this board of supervisors would quit whining about the task force and telling city agencies that the law requires them to obey the sunshine ordinance, and they(4 gwñ all take an oath each year to have.5@ completed training ana+j@ ,ñ certified their knowledge of it then maybe they wouldn't have as many visits to the sunshine ordinance taskq.8pñ force. for every member of the city government or the city family that you like to call it that has to spend time there, citizens also have to spend time
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there, and usually a lot more and they violate the laws of a lot of0!f >> president chiu: thank you. next speakerkb ó. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm peter warfield, executive director association. the library has an unfortunate record of not only violatingo7( óñ thej¿ law, which you have heard ofqjn:? from me and the previous speaker/=( &nñ and others but unfortunately is expert at let us call it misdirection. at a relatively recent library commission meeting, the deputy city attorney got into -- excuse me the deputy city librarian got into the act when she said, having heard a great deal about the difficulties and the problems?m
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financial arrangements and commitments, shee actually the friends had not committed to provide 16 million as we've heard for 10ijp;n years and more, regarding the branchq%($
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was more. j here isnéj!ç today's -- if5- blow that up --gr0not sure how to do that, but what it says is that,iáb $+'ñ on february 20, 2003, friend commitment-$%( 3rw increased to 16:5 jpj milliondja)féex >> good afternoonsh!%ùh supervisors. members of the public, and the incredible job the sheriff's department does of keeping this chamber in order. i have a little kind of a poem. if it i had a summer home in san francisco, and i had a
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winter home in ben gazi i'd spend all my summers iníqrq winterña nzñ home. if you listen to these speakerso coming up energy coming from them is kind oft bitching about the city, and the way it's kind of violating its own charter of the sunshine ordinance. we saw many determinations in front ofcup which'sjáindicates that something's”mhnnówhs awry. we have one supervisor previously from this chamber(jpq in custody wearing orange, anï= getting visits from hisijny friends
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in jail. and i'm just wondering some more of you shouldn't beoa::zku1&jd÷ú4ñ+ñ in$5jpkujauç there. thank you for your time. no hard82ñ feelings. and have a good holidays. thankc/ t you. >> goodgupñgñ chiu and supervisor. i just want to say one thing. it's about time that you got some jobs here or1nsomething, or something to do, or even medical. i live at the edge of the tenderloin. there's nothing. you know, i can tellgj@ you. and i'm the most resourceful of all. totally resourceful. ii'm out$)ó with my metal detector at vista park, very dark and deteriorated, i've beenay%(>w treasure hunting for 40 years in this,g@ city.;ar there's running out of places
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for treasure hunt, there's no sandy areas like there used to be. let me show you the key i(çc found in buena vista. graphics please. >> clerk calvillo:j' please. >> ben vista park. i jy something. i pulled the dirty harry movie haven't done since piqs then. she probably goes do you have a computer or what are you doing ins nasty hayes casting, or -- where i had to get my money back because they wanted to put me into anything. and flying back and forthq l.a. or las vegas, and even they don't do much. it's a little better,we know, not thatú6( x':h( :@ much. anyway, ♪ i've looked high and in everywhere i possibly city can but there's no trying to get the.p%( y city feeling again
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♪ it disappeared as as far as as it came and i looked high and low, and everywhere i possibly canl7jpt?ñ ♪ but there's no trying to get the city job feeling again, needed again and again we need itrcj all again, again ♪w p5 again ♪ thank you'&( "(. >> my name is eugene gordon jr. all %( sre this balloting for:: and democratic party leadership over two centuries where original constitutionzf states right not to be confused with federal law then after first amendment which included right too( 7ç redress, evidence female right%(
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was not until 1920, be we the people have redressed so many times through/jp)u republican, democratic party -- legislation us of a social cultural politicaln-$ñ economic education schooling work ethic based upon capital currency class rank defined given as birth right invention obliged by law proven to imposition fraudulent death. the advocates have said use language come together. this is2j public ownership of means of production. again redress expose%(úe÷ democraticpyjá and republican parties, majority legislative leadership as capital imperialist confrontation. witness 1776 victory of so many african negro slave8i)[ owners contributionm] 6/ to declaration of
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independence original us ofw constitution fortify caitionz of thez=( this deceptive timing for heart beat:u fascist language inflections0/( 3'ñ nursing( &u security asno fending interest. >> i'd like tot tv. google michael akino mk ultra. would you believe it if i told you that 70 miles north of[vhów here they're cannibalizing children they're raping children they're murdering children, would you/t$k' believe it7ñd!díñ. there's a book by senator john decamp called thegxd!ya franklink
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o coverup. it's absolutely ÷ incredible. he represented a man named paul binosi who testifies he was taken to bohemian grove and things like that happened to him. i'm telling you what, we better all unite on3qjt one. this is incredible, i mean really. well, my text for today is can we put this up, mr. px= kkqññ is found in the book of romans, and it says, in due time christ died for the ungodly. and this is the genius of christianity. the '( "ñdk christ died in due time. if i was toy&ihe%djxjá÷ say michael akino was going to die today, in eating a cheeseburger at mcdonald's in san francisco wearing a white being betrayed by his familiar friend and he keels over dead today and he findl( kñ in his.m vesture a handwritten note

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